Best American Express Casino Sites – Bimba Guide

Playing for a great while in different online casinos, once you stop and think: it is a high time to find a really secure and reliable way to deposit and withdraw money.

For this reason, we offer to study out the information about the best gambling sites, which offer an American Express method for arranging financial transactions.

Casino Bills and American Express – What Is Between?

American Express is a financial firm with the headquarter in NY. It has achieved remarkable success on the market. It is one of 30 corporations included in the Dow-Jones index.

Amid the wide specter of its services, it sweepingly deals with multiple online gambling houses. The advantage of its usage for betting is a huge convenience.

Cash In

Depositing is one of the options that the players can perform by dint of this payment system. For this you gotta apply for the card formation. You can do that in any department or right on the official site.

There are 9 types of them: Gold Delta Sky Miles, Amex Every Day, Premier Rewards Gold, Platinum, Platinum Delta Sky Miles, The Starwood Preferred Guest, Hilton HHonors, Gold and Delta Reserve. Choose the one you demand and proceed.

Once you have it, register on the web page (enter your 15-digit number and 4-digit ID). That is the verification. The next 2 steps are “account preferences” and “benefits”.

When you have executed all of that, you can arrange funding. Simply use the credentials (number, owner name, expiration date and its protection code) and top up your casino balance with the sum you need.

Cash Out

As you have created a card and registered it, you can also withdraw your gains from the lobby account. This procedure may include the requirement to fill in the application with your personal information.


Nonetheless, this operation doesn’t take too much time and is not an obstacle for American Express further usage.

You should know that there were the occasions when the service denied the possibility to arrange cashing out. When you come across such situation, search for some alternatives (other cards, e-wallets, etc.).

American Express Pros of Use

If you decide on availing of this paying mechanism, you are a lucky dog. Why? We will now try to describe all the advantages that you will face using it for virtual gambling. Here they are:

  • great customer support;
  • sustainability;
  • possibility to add one more card of the person you trust;
  • acceptance of many hazardous places on the net;
  • instant transactions;

Payment via Internet Over the World

Today there are about 130 locations where American Express has its departments. It means that the players from all continents can invest money by dint of this unique service and enjoy gaming process.

Internationality is presumably the thing that attracts lots of casino operators. As having this method among the possible paying ways, they involve the gamblers from various countries.

American Express On The Go or Mobile Banking Welcome!

There are the situations when you need to spend much time afoot. However, the desire to make the stakes doesn’t vanish. What to do in such matters? Amex found the way out and offers to utilize mobile banking version for those who can’t get home to the computer.

Apple Pay

All iOS device owners who deal with online portals can try Apple Pay for iPhone and iPad. It is a real time possibility to perform payments.

You will receive the notifications with all details about the operations. You can easily control the account and get special prizes from the operators. To start using it, you have to:

  1. Download the application;
  2. Make a pic of your card;
  3. Enjoy the usage 🙂

Transfer money

Android Pay

Android Pay is an alternative for those who use the smartphones on this platform. It is an eligible way to deposit via portable gadgets. Make your life more favorable with this mobile solution.

It suggests world-class service, high safety and many other benefits. The steps for getting started are the same as in case of the Apple Pay.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is more specialized than the two mentioned-above. It is compatible exceptionally with Samsung models. It is a straightforward, innovative method to execute the financial operations.

It is feasible due to the extraordinary technique in your device. Among the accepted models you can encounter: Galaxy S7/S6, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S7/S6 active, Galaxy S6/S7 edge, Galaxy S6 edge +.

Banking System Cons to Mind

Apart from all positive moments, you should know that nothing is ideal. We want you to be ready to some pitfalls that can disappoint. Some fees and limits are among those disadvantages.

Warning: Australians, Fees Ahead

Some American Express units require the charges. Initially, you have to disburse $10 as an additional statement fee. If you wish to convert the currency, prepare 3% of the total.

The rejection of the transaction will cost $6. The Late Payment charge composes $30 and Over The Counter – $3. Australians are special. Being in the Down Under country, you gotta pay supplementary $7 price.

Payments Amount – How Much?

The paying limits are also very important to understand. There are no fixed rates. They count the limitation specially for every user, taking into consideration his previous operations and deposited sums.

Investigating the account reports, they then establish the max amounts. That is a bit complicated and confusing. However, if you plan to stay the Amex customer, find to time to study it out.