Best BPay Casino Sites – Bimba Guide

The story starts with your love towards online casinos. The following page tells us about your desire to try a game and gain advantages from the play. This is very nice, but that will be possible only after you make a deposit.

Now is the moment when you think over a banking method, through which your funds will be transacted to the casino balance. It should be safe, secure, keep your data private, involve min fees, etc. Yeah, that is how we approach to BPay.

Why Australia Loves BPay?

Just like iDeal is created for Dutch users, Interac for Canadians and Bancontact for players from Belgium, BPay was presented in 1997 for Australian online gamers in order to connect their casino accounts with the bank.

The payment option is offered by 4 most major banks in Australia as a feature of net and phone banking. The system covers about 90% of customer banking market of the whole country and is very popular among the citizens.

Security First

All the transactions made through the mechanism are carried out in a secure environment assuring risk-free and safe payment method. You can make deposits on both web, phone and mobile basis, the conditions remain the same.

Neither account details, nor personal data is required, you stay totally anonymous. The only thing you need to share is your bank account type, that is it. You are on your way to online games.

Make Deposits thru BPay in Online Casinos

Speed Transactions

Once you hope to see the credits on your screen immediately, we are sorry to disappoint you. The service doesn’t work like that and this is what you should take into account.

As soon as you make a deposit, the cashier department of your casino needs to verify the payment. Relax, your amount will increase very soon and you won’t have to wait for long in order to launch the games.

Banking Formats Available

You can use any format you like, the process of depositing will still be the same. Visit the web page of your financial institution and get the biller code, roll in the payment amount and that is it.


Can there be anything easier? You simply enter the url of your bank and log in, then you get a code and return to the chosen online casino. Now you are to mention the sum you want to transfer and wait for the money to get loaded.


What is totally cool is that BPay is one of the few payment options, which can be compatible with various banks’ smartphone applications. Once your bank makes the service available in its app, you can make an input thru the service on the go easily.

Phone Banking

Not everything can be perfect, and in case you are not lucky to use an app, do not get upset. Visit the BPay website and click the option with ‘Third Party Providers’. There you will be guarded by the necessary steps and the depositing will be as simple as that.

Casino Payments thru BPay – What Should I Mind?

No matter how many articles you read about something, the topic will be still a bit unclear until you try it on your own. The same is here, you can know everything about BPay and yet meet surprises while the real process.

BPay as a Payment Method for Australian Players

To avoid such situations, we offer you to get acquainted with more details about the system and imagine how you will feel when making payments through it.

Money Transfers – How Long?

Well, this is a thing that differs depending on a situation. First of all, using the mechanism you can make only deposits and forget about withdrawings. Besides, transacting funds, you are asked to wait for a while until they are credited to the casino account.

Cash Deposits – Is It Instant?

Unhappily, we can’t say that the option works instantly. The process usually takes about up to 24 hours, though, we believe that most casino transfers are held much more faster. Let us see how long your deposit will take.

Money Withdrawals – Are You There?

Well, this is a thing we should talk about. BPay is a service that will help you make deposits and not withdrawings. You are to look for another payment option, which allows you to redeem cash through it.

And this requires additional effort and involvement. You can either pick an alternative of the service or select an absolutely different mechanism for cashing out the winnings from your casino balance.

Charge and Fees

Speaking in general, you do not need to pay any fee for using the service. Though, there might be some fee involved for the bank, including the credit card company, in case you use the card for making payments. That is why, check out the conditions before launching any service.