Best Neteller Casino Sites – Bimba Guide

The majority of the basic users of the Internet has probably nothing in common with the Neteller system. Very likely we can suppose that if you are reading now these lines, so you are either a gambler or a retailer.

Our article is for the players who are in search of the fast payment methods for the safe online casino operations.

The company was created in 1999 in the offshore zone on the British Islands. Since March 2010, the service has allowed the registration for many Former Soviet Republics.

That was an achievement as the firm widened its influence and the users from many lands acquired access to a great money management tool on the net.

Neteller Casino Payment Account – How to Create?

You begin working with the service from the registration. After you finish it, you receive a chance to open your account.

It offers such currencies as American, Australian, Canadian dollar, Euro, British pound, Swedish, Japanese, Dutch krone and others.

Besides, the system doesn’t accept the clients from some countries to the registration and the rules can vary for those who still can become the users.

For Europeans there are 3 types of the accounts: Standard, Enhanced and Premier. They differ by the sums of maximum storage. Standard offers the max rate of $1,000, Enhanced – $19,000 and Premier – $48,000.

2-Step Authentication Access

An ideal thing about Neteller casinos is Two-Step Authentication. You get to install it. Initially, upload the Google Authenticator on your gadget.

Hunt for it in the App Store or Play Market. It is a free application. Enter your account in the payment mechanism, move to the settings and opt “Enable” option for the authentication.

Then, push “Get Started”. Here you get to type your safe ID to go on. After that, select the device and scan over the code.

That is the ultimate step. Now, your security level is enhanced and you can feel confident about your gambling payments.

All Neteller online casinos offered

Benefits of Neteller by Bimba

In practice, we are now discussing the leader. And for you to decide on using it, we point out all advantages.

%-free money storage in the poker rooms and its cashout, the possibility to register the profile with 1 of 18 currencies, several phases of the protection, Net+ card availability, free virtual card formation and many other opportunities can be yours.

Payment Safety

Security measures refer to both depositing and withdrawing. The company uses the advanced encryption technologies for the data defense and also the soft anti-viruses which guarantee the protection of your personal information.

They regularly conduct the testing of the system to determine the weak places and fix them. So, while performing any transaction, keep calm and easy up.


The best way to fund your betting balance is to order the Net+ card. You can do that on the site. Simply apply for it and follow all the instructions that the system requires. Once you get it, put as many banknotes on your account as you wish.


As you (we guess) have already formed the Net+ paying unit, so take it also for the withdrawing. No problems here. You can redeem that sum in any ATM in your country.

The fee for this operation can vary as every bank demands diverse rate. That rides on the lender whom the ATM belongs to as well. Check this question contacting their customer support.

Neteller instant casino operations

Fast Instant Transactions

Tired of the prolonged financial transactions? Forget! Neteller is like a flash, one moment – and money is on the balance. No nerves, no worries – only pleasure.

Deposit with it and you will comprehend this stuff, as many gamblers are too impatient when it goes about their cash.

VIP Program Treatment

You should set a goal to become a VIP member of the service. It provides many benefits that you haven’t had before.

You’ll get the highest possible safety standard, multi-currency profile availability, limit increased, fast withdrawals, VIP-chat, lower charges for the currency exchange, annual promotional scores and many other privileges. Strive for it and you’ll approach the membership.

Neteller Casino Special Tools

Some players search for the payment mechanisms according to such principles as privacy and access to the transaction history.

Such things allow controlling your funds and seeing the limit while betting. So, these tools are behind. Read and try using.


Neteller adheres to the special privacy policy. They collect the information about their users very carefully, inform them about any tiny changes in the system right immediately.

And they use several types of the cookie files on their site (due to them, the system recognizes that it is you, but not someone else, entered the account).

Payment History

Many services offer the option of the payment history observation. And that is definitely cool. You see the sums you transfer and can monitor your budget for playing in a certain casino. All the information is in your profile and you can check it anytime.