Online Casinos for Roulette – Bimba Guide

Quake with fear all the little casino cheaters, a serious man is coming out to reveal your dirty lies. Having done a good job and searched for trustworthy houses, which present such table games as Roulette, the hero of our blog found out the main criteria.

Follow his thoughts to learn the top items that are worth your noticing. Besides, all the truth is shown here, starting from the platform, game types and up to promotions to use while playing. The fun starts right now!

Bimba Casino Rating by Software

It is like comparing iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. Each company has its privileges and the things that attract users. You know that without trying each one, you won’t be able to get the difference for real.


Here is a total freedom of your actions. Try to receive all the gems with progressive roulette or experience the joy in the Live Dealer mode.

The software is on the top of the industry and it knows how to stick to the guns. Besides, no less than 90% of winning chances guarantee all the houses.


You can’t be ready for such great news! Lo and behold, the platform has launched Marvel Roulette and now you have no chance to stay indifferent. The beloved heroes and theme come from the usual slot machines and create a new way for fun.

Types of Roulette for Online Casinos


As most players of Realtime Gaming casinos felt pity due to the absence of all the game types, they can relax. The company implemented all the kinds of this wheely entertainment (French one, to be more exact) and goes ahead pleasing the games more and more.


In case no provider from those above managed to allure you, there are also several alternatives for you. How about experiencing IGT with its numerous variations of the amusements.

Or you can also try Cryptologic pastime and become a VIP players. Mind the country you play from, this also plays a great role in the software selection.

Roulette Types to Play for Money

Right you are, the game has French origins, though it also can appear in the American and European way. All the alternatives have something to impress you and now you should determine the difference between them. Let us see what we have.


Tease your intuition, you have red and black spots with various numbers from 1 to 36, including a Zero. Being placed in a random way, the place that wins pays you a sum which depends on the stake made.

Besides, you can strike En Prison rules, which says that if you lose a half of your original bet, try to make another spin. Cause once it is a winning one, you will get the initial stake back. See how profitable it can be for you.


The things change a bit with this kind. Fast and easy gains wait for their owner. You again have numbers from 0 up to 36, though, this time you can also meet 00 spot there. The digits stand in pairs opposite each other. Go ahead winning, champ!


Being a variation of a European one, this roulette game still differs a bit. All the titles come in the foreign analog, while the numbers remain the same. What is more, table layout stands out, not speaking about the payout.

Go and Check Bonuses fro Roulette

Casino Bonuses for Roulette – Bimba Recommends

The entertainment may seem to be hard to predict or win. Though, thinking of the fun that you will get while the experience, everything becomes easier. Get a special offer from the casino and keep your way.

Offer Variations

Our responsible hero has already distinguished the top promos. Now you know which bonuses you can count on, when entering a casino to experience Roulette. That is how the search gets faster and simpler.

Free No Deposit

Getting money for gratis, you like obtain the second breath. No efforts to make, you just enjoy the boosted balance. At that rate, the bets you place do not influence on your wealth, cause even if something gets lost, you still remain with the same amount in pocket.

Match % Bonus

Yet the previous offer doesn’t require any inputs, this one is based on your deposits. It usually comes as a Welcome Bonus and presents you match presents. It means that the final sum of the offer depends directly on the investment. Free money is a great motivation, huh?

Terms and Limits

Before getting afraid, learn the info first. As any kind of offer is activated, you should be ready to face the wagering in the end. Well, it is quite a doable thing, just keep playing the type with the highest payout.

What concerns the limits, Bimba warns you that some portals set the borders, which do not let you cash out the sum you want. You are allowed to redeem only this or that much, no matter how large the casino balance is. So, make a good search to be safe and rich.